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PowerOne Solutions Inc. (“PowerOne”) has the solution to one of the biggest problems facing industries today—poor power quality.  Modern equipment and electronics create harmonics in the power system that cause poor power quality.  Harmonics and low power quality are present in every factory, manufacturing facility, office building, institutional facility and even in the energy sector.


To overcome the problem of low power quality, harmonics need to be reduced and power efficiency (measured as “power factor”) needs to be increased.  Traditional methods to mitigate harmonics and correct power factor are very costly, have a limited useful life and only partially address this problem.  After several years of research and development, PowerOne developed the P1Advantage™, a solution to designed to fully address low power quality problems.  The P1Advantage™ conforms to IEEE 519 standards on harmonics.


PowerOne’s P1Advantage products virtually eliminate harmonic distortion while simultaneously achieving an almost perfect power factor. Our patented technology removes harmonics from the power system while simultaneously correcting power factor resulting in substantial cost savings, increased energy efficiency, reduced heat generation, extended lifespan of equipment and meets IEEE-519 requirements.  Together with our high efficiency transformers we are the  One Solution for Ideal Power Quality.


Changing our corporate name from Synergy Energy Inc. to PowerOne Solutions Inc. on September 1, 2016, emphasizes our industry changing P1Advantage™ technology and reflected our commitment to provide the very best products and services in order to meet our customers' power quality needs.


Established in 2004 we began producing high efficiency transformers for mission critical customers such as:

  • One Police Plaza in New York
  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Roy Thompson Hall for the Performing Arts
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • University of New Brunswick
  • CSIS Data Centre in Ontario
  • Nova Scotia Data Centre
  • Edmonton Airport Authority
  • Alberta Ministry of Finance
  • Hong Kong Customs
  • S. Department of Homeland Security
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