HET.L (High Efficiency Transformer, Low cost)

The HET.L (High Efficiency Transformer with Low cost) is a three phase distribution and isolation type transformer which performs with high efficiency as it is built to meet all the applicablle standards of UL, CSA, ANSI, IEEE, and NEMA.

Even though the HET.L is our entry level solution to low efficiency problems, it meets the efficiency levels required by NEMA TP-1 and CSA 802.2-12 standards. Furthermore, it is third party verified by Intertek.

This unit delivers power quietly and efficiently and also meets the NEMA ST-20 standard for maximum allowable audible noise levels.

Due to its great design and high efficiency performance, it provides a short ROI period for the customer as well as being a great facilitator for the IEEE 519 requirements.


The HET.L transformers have front access to all their connection points, allowing the unit to accept a wide variety of extra options. The finished product is shipped in a shrink wrapped, grey NEMA 3R enclosure with corner protectors on our unique SmartSkid for safe and effortless transportation and installation.