HET.K (K Rated Transformers)

The HET.K (High Efficiency Transformer, K-rated) products are three phase high efficiency isolation transformers derated to the K rating levels specified by UL.

The typical installation location of the HET.K would be where nonlinear loads are present. The required K rating increases with increased amount of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) within the electrical system.

The HET.K product line offers efficiency levels required by NEMA TP-1 and CSA 802.2-12 standards. It is also third party verified by Intertek.

The basic HET.K is K4 rated; however, optional ratings of up to and including K40 are available.



The HET.K units have front access to all of their connection points, allowing them great flexibility to accept a wide variety of extra options.

The finished product is shipped in a shrink wrapped, grey NEMA 3R enclosure with corner protectors on our unique SmartSkid for safe and effortless transportation and installation.