HET (High Efficiency Transformer)

The HET (High Efficiency Transformer) product line is specifically designed with ultra high efficiency to reduce the operating costs of facilities.

These units are ideal for supplying power to panels or equipment with a high linear load concentration.

The HET is a three phase isolation transformer which not only can directly replace a standard delta-wye transformer, but it also will deliver one of the shortest returns on investment periods when used to feed the appropriate loads

This product is designed with efficiency levels higher than what is required by NEMA TP-1, CSA 802.2-12, and US DOE CSL-3 standard levels.

The HET line has a 40% lower core loss than a standard delta-wye transformer. Core loss (or no load loss) is the energy that a transformer uses when it is energized regardless of the amount of load applied.


The HET product line not only pays for itself repeatedly over its operating lifespan, but it is also supported by one of the longest warranties in the business.

All the connection points of the HET units are accessible from the front, making them flexible to accept a wide variety of extra options.