VFDS (Variable Frequency Drive Solution)

The VFDS (Variable Frequency Drive Solution) is a harmonic mitigating device designed specifically to mitigate the 5th and 7th harmonics created by three phase nonlinear loads such as variable frequency drives. The VFDS is an efficient, reliable, and long lasting electromagnetic based device.

This unit takes advantage of the phase shifting technology to mitigate the targeted harmonics; therefore, one source's harmonics are cancelled by the harmonics from another. The reduction of the 5th and 7th harmonics provides a cleaner voltage to other equipment in the facility, thereby reducing the potential for equipment malfunction or failure.

Furthermore, the VFDS is an important element towards the facility's power factor improvements as well as increased efficiency, hence reducing the electricity bill and becoming a great IEEE 519 facilitator.


The VFDS is designed to be installed upstream from the nonlinear load, and downstream of the busbar or the riser (between the busbar and the load). All connection points of the VFDS are accessible from the front of the unit, making it capable of accepting numerous extra options. The finished product is shipped in a shrink wrapped, gray NEMA 3R enclosure with corner protectors on our unique SmartSkid for safe and effortless transportation and installation.