CTT (Current Treating Transformer)

In the past the most common cause of neutral current has been unbalanced loads on phases. Yet today, even if the phases are completely balanced, the neutral current still flows as the byproduct of third order harmonics, thereby creating voltage distortions, equipment malfunctions and or failures resulting in downtime for the facility.

The CTT is a three phase, four wire, harmonic mitigating and neutral current reducing device. It is designed for parallel installation in the electrical systems as it traps the third order harmonics by creating a low impedance pathway.

The astonishing capability of the CTT becomes more evident when it is installed in close proximity to the nonlinear loads or the electrical panels of such loads. Reduction of neutral current and mitigation of third order harmonics reduce the heat produced in the transformer upstream from the CTT, resulting in an increase of kVA for the targeted transformer.


The CTT's ability to reduce the voltage distortion facilitates conformity with the IEEE 519. The CTT units are related with respect to their neutral current reduction capability, hence a 60 Amp CTT unit can handle 60 Amps of neutral current (20 Amps per phase). All connection points of CTT units are accessible from the front, allowing for more options to be added as per customer's needs. The finished product is shipped in a shrink wrapped, gray NEMA 3R enclosure with corner protectors on our unique SmartSkid, for safe and effortless transportation and installation.