Harmonic Filters with Power Factor Correction

Harmonics are complex, poorly understood, and even harder to eliminate.  To overcome the problem of low power quality, harmonics need to be reduced and power efficiency (measured as “power factor”) needs to be increased.  Traditional methods to mitigate harmonics and correct power factor are very costly, have a limited useful life and only partially address this problem. 


The P1Advantage™ exceeds the harmonic standards set in IEEE 519.

The P1Advantage™ is the solution to correct low power quality problems:

The P1Advantage™ improves the power system by mitigating harmonics (THDi) caused by non-linear loads, when operated within designed parameters, the current Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) is typically reduced by over 80% resulting in and average THDi of 5% or less while simultaneously correcting power factor up to 99.8%.

A power system without harmonics provides energy efficiency and significant cost savings.  Harmonics damage equipment by creating voltage and current distortions that effect the electrical system as a whole and result in the reduction in efficiency and lifespan of equipment, device overheating, motor vibration, lighting malfunction, flickering lights, excessive nominal current, premature breaker tripping, plc malfunctioning, and even catastrophic failure of equipment.

The P1 Advantage™ design, avoids these problems while meeting IEEE-519 requirements.

The P1Advantage™ virtually eliminates the 5th, 7th, 11th, and 13th harmonics, and their multiples, in three phase power systems.  P1Advantage™ is ideal for any non-linear load including variable frequency drives, rectifiers, motors and integration into MCC units.

Power factor is the measurement of power quality, with 1 (100%) being perfect.  The higher your power factor the more power savings you will achieve. The P1Advantage™ corrects power factor up to 99.8%.

While referred to as a filter, our advanced technology delivers a much superior performance than traditional harmonic filters, reducing current total harmonic distortion (THDi) from very high levels of 80% or greater to as low as 5.0% or less, when  operated within designed perimeters, and voltage total harmonic distortion (THDv) typically to less than 2%.  While remaining a completely passive device with easy installation the non-linear load, the P1Advantage™ requires only minimal maintenance.



To maximize the harmonic mitigation and power factor correction, each P1Advantage™ unit is specifically engineered to match the non-linear electrical load it is connected to, ranging from 5 HP to 3500 HP.  While most of the P1Advantage™ are manufactured for low ( less than 690) voltage installations, units can be designed for mid-voltages as well.   The P1Advantage™ can be designed for 60 Hz or 50 Hz uses.

P1Advantage™ compared to the three traditional methods of mitigating harmonics and correcting power factor: